How to Save a Relationship

How To Save A Relationship Tips

How to Save a Relationship

If you are in a situation where your relationship with your significant other is in trouble you are not alone. Many reasons can be the cause fighting, lying, stress, jealousy. Many modern couples have problems, thankfully there are ways to save your relationship, but both people must want to continue the relationship. how to save a relationship after fighting

The first thing you must do is to return to the start of your relationship and remember what it was that first attracted you to your partner. Relive the passion, excitement, and intensity that you felt for your partner during those first few weeks of your relationship.

Now the hard work begins, and you must be truthful with yourself. Continue thinking about those early days of your relationship. Ask yourself were both of you trying to create a foundation to build a relationship or was all the effort one-sided. Honestly evaluate the situation, if you were alone in trying to build a relationship it is no wonder that the early passion has begun to fade, no one person can force a relationship to blossom, it takes two.

In order for any relationship to survive over time both people involved must work on creating mutual interests, respect, and communication. One of the saddest things that can happen is when a relationship continues just on the grounds that the two partners are used to each other, there is no real love, just familiarity. This kind of relationship is destined to fail as soon as one partner finds a better alternative to their current partner.

The good news here is that if you are still with your partner, and you still want a relationship with them, you have time to build a long-term relationship. One thing you must remember is that studies of those that have made their relationships last over time have some common features.

First, both partners grew beyond the initial burning passion of the relationship and began the process of truly falling in love with one another. These couples will love each other no matter the circumstances. Once couples reach this point in a relationship no amount of scars, bumps, bad experiences, or other problems of daily life will split them apart.

These couples know that there is a difference between falling in love and being in love. When you are falling in love all that matters are the emotions, passions, and physical attraction you have for each other. Being in love happens when each person in the relationship makes the conscious decision to be with their partner. Mutual respect, familiarity, appreciation, and good communication skills bring on true love. These people have worked at becoming a couple, remember, long-term relationships do not just happen, you have to work at them. No relationship is perfect, there will be tough times, those that truly love one another and want to be together will work through their problems.

If you want to create a long lasting relationship with your partner you have to be willing to make sacrifices for the relationship. All relationships are two-way streets though, if only one person is making sacrifices the relationship will eventually fail. You need to be willing to overlook the shortcomings of your partner and love them the way they are. You must be able to view your partner in a positive light no matter what, and you must be able to communicate with them in a positive manner. You will find that this is contagious, if you treat your partner with love and respect they will return the favor if they have any interest in having a long-term relationship.

Another thing that you and your partner should do is to make an honest list about each other. Both of you should make a list of positive and negative things about each other. Once the lists are completed you should compare the list and talk about them openly without arguing.

During the conversation you should make a vow to each other to try and make changes to improve on the negative factors each of you have found in the other. The two of you should also make a commitment to each other to improve your ability to communicate. Another commitment both of you need to make is to try and increase your mutual interests. The more you have in common with your partner the more enjoyable time you will spend with each other.

You will know that you have saved your relationship when you and your partner are both joyful within the relationship. Both of you should be happy and content, if not then the relationship should probably be ended. Life is too short for anyone to be in a relationship that does not fulfill their needs and make them happy.

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